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Are you leaping through your life?

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This afternoon I’ll be in the beautiful and historic city of Bath as part of the ‘Take Ten’ campaign that Psychologies, Red magazine and Twinings tea are running to encourage people to slow down and take ten minutes out of their busy day for one’s ‘self.

Ironically it takes place on Feb 29 in this Leap Year. And leaping from year to year is how we often live our lives.  From our teens we often can’t wait to leave school, leave home, start work, become an adult. We can’t wait until we are fixed up in the right home, right relationship. We rush from one place to the next. We can’t wait for our next holiday, for some special day, for our retirement.

This is actaully madness. Wishing for tomorrow is absurd. Waiting for some special time is crazy. There only ever is today. If tomorrow comes it will be a bonus. There is no point hankering after yesterday. Tomorrow is a projection. Today is the only time you have. It is the only place that you can plant seeds that grow. Loving and living now is your only hope. It is your gift.

I will be encouraging all the delegates I meet at the Take Ten event to stop, to celebrate, to enjoy, to appreciate – and I invite you to do the same.

Do you choose to simply wish or to truly live?


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