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  • Black History Month: Must be used to shape bright futures

    PRESS RELEASE                                                      Black History Month “Must be used to build bright futures” says leading life coach  Black History Month must be used as a platform to build bright futures ‘now in the present not just to learn about the past’ if we are truly progress ...

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  • Your career: stuck in a rut & keen to move up?

    Have you recently returned to work after the summer holiday feeling somewhat uninspired? Perhaps you've feel that for some time. It's very easy to arrive at a point where you feel unmotivated, stuck, disheartened, under-appreciated and even out-and-out lost. This can happen for all sorts of reasons: you've been in your current job for too long, you've reached a ceiling in your current role/organisation and it's time ...

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  • Your feedback – by Andrea of Unglue You

      I found out about Rasheed in November 2012 through an article in the Voice magazine. The article mentioned his workshop at the British Library, so I visited their website and saw that there was a workshop on the next day. I’d literally only started my business two weeks previously but from the workshop description felt that I needed to attend, seeing it as an investment in me ...

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  • Back to business – 7 top tips

     Have you recently returned to business following the summer break?  If you’re your own boss being focused, efficient and effective is especially important - and it can be particularly important in this season where for many business the lion chunk of a years trade is generated / made at . Here are 7 tips to help you based on the 7 principles of my Soul Trader ...

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  • From personal & professional development to self realisation

    I just posted a blog over on Evolved Heart about this journey from personal and professional development to self discovery and self realisation. Here's the video below. If you're on this journey you may be interested in the full article here on Evolved Heart.

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  • Living life or a list ticking exercise?

    Are you living life or merely going through a list-ticking exercise? It's very easy for it to become a list-ticking exercise; at home, in your career, at work, in relationships, in business, socially - in all departments. It can become very empty and tiring (much like the image left).  This way of living often happens in the space between childhood and adulthood: all of a sudden ...

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  • Could crowd funding help you & your business?

    Yesterday I attended one of the funding for growth workshops of Paul Grant of The Funding Game. Like myself Paul is one of the partners of the British Library Business & IP Centre delivering workshops each month to help new and established entrepreneurs. I was there to learn more about Angel, Venture Capital and Crowd Funding in order to help those business clients of mine ...

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  • “Who am I?” – A question to ask yourself if you’re wise

    Many wise people say that sooner or later you will ask yourself this question. At a glance it seems like a stupid question. Surely you are you: your name, your age,at your life stage, with your own life and your own personality and ways. But is that the whole story? And is that story a true story or the whole story.  Are you your name? ...

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  • Creating a business you love pt2

    In my last blog post (creating a business you love pt1) I was talking about the desire or fire that leads many of us to do our own thing and become our own boss. and some things to think about if that is a journey that you're starting on or progressing along. One of the things that I really like is when I meet those who do run a business ...

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  • Creating a business you love pt 1

    As a life and business coach I've meet thousands of people who are on the journey to be their own boss, build their own business and follow their own paths over the last decade or so. Making a living from your skills, passions and talents is something that's very dear to my heart. If that's a journey that you're keen to go on then it's likely to require planning, preparation, research, personal/business/product development and gathering ...

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