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  • Peace of mind with an Evolved Heart

    Back at work and already feel tired, stress, burned out or exhausted? It can so easily happen. Before you know it that restful  summer has turned into a speed-up September. From being on holiday to being back in the rat-race.  Much of this has to do with how we tend to live life through a mind which is on overdrive.  My latest post over on ...

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  • Back to business

     September has arrived and it’s back to business for you and your venture.  This autumn stretched between now and Christmas is often the most important, busy and lucrative season of the year with many businesses generating the largest part of their annual turnover in ...

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  • “The Path…” 7-9pm 19 Sept, London with Rasheed Ogunlaru & Kathy O’Hara

    Event:        The Path; Find, forge & follow your Path   When:         7-9 pm 19 September 2014     Venue:         Westminster Quaker Meeting House 8 Hop Gardens, off St Martins Lane (alleyway between ...

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  • Inspiring Interviews: Imtaz – a flair for fashion

    Mindful that many of you are starting or building a business / career as your own boss I thought I'd kick of my 'Inspiring Interviews with Rasheed Ogunlaru' series with Imtaz Khaliq. Imtaz has created clothes for Hollywood stars, TV personalities and successful business people. I first met Imtaz around 7 or 8 years ago at a event called 'Mind ...

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  • Inspiring Interviews with Rasheed Ogunlaru

    One of the things I have always loved doing - from way back in my career when I was a Press Officer and Media trainer - is interviewing people. I 've always enjoyed interviewing interesting people and everyone is interesting if you're able to connect with them and invite them to share their story.  During my time as a singer / performer and ...

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  • Your success stories – Jason Newton

    Guest Blog By Jason Newton When I first discovered coaching, I was curious about its benefits so I arranged to have my first sessions with Rasheed in 2007. I recall his friendly, spiritual and yet, firm questioning pushing me into areas of my life to which I was initially resistant.  I was frustrated with many things in my life at that time, however among other things, it ...

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  • Rasheed Ogunlaru – Motivational Speaker

    One of the things I enjoy most and feel most passionately about is my work as a motivational speaker, seminar leader / chair / host and media speaker. For me it's a key part of my work as a coach to help people to follow their heart, discover their true self and to flourish in their life, career, relationships and business.  Last week was an example of that it began ...

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  • 10 Essential I.T. Tips

    I recently caught up with  tech expert Tom Jeffs, founder or IT support business Lucidica  to ask him to share some top tips for small businesses. We caught up at the British Library's Business & IP Centre where we both run sessions to help small business owners. His excellent advice is in the video below and a guest blog with 10 Top IT Tips follow courtesy of Tom and  James from Lucidica.

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  • What can we learn from sport stars & athletes?

    It will have been hard to avoid the fact that we're already deep into the 'sporting summer'. Yesterday I was at Wimbledon at the Start of the Wimbledon Tennis Championships (hence my picture of Andy Murray as he started defending his title) - and the football World Cup is well underway. There's also major international cricket matches going on - ...

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  • Tune in to Rasheed’s Colourful Radio Sunday Morning Slot

                    Join me every Sunday morning for my new regular 'The Life Coach' guest slot on Colour Radio's 'Self Central show hosted by Lisa Bent.  Each week I'll be in hand to share tips, insights and guidance on various life, career and relationships issues. As the name of Lisa's ...

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