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  • Love & Money

    Did you by chance miss last night's 'Money & Energy' talk on Evolved Heart? If not you missed a real special event in which we explored, money, resistance, acceptance, fear,  flow, love, lack, prosperity, charity, business, creativity, healing, therapy, service, greed, generosity - and developing a richer relationship with money. If so the good news is that you can watch it here below.

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  • Guest blog: 7 tips to get the cash flowing for entrepreneurs

    By Johnny Martin. Johnny Martin is Finance Director turned numbers coach to entrepreneurs. Here are some tips to get the cash flowing! While everyone tends to focus on the business budget, I believe it’s really important to have a handle on your personal budget.  So take a morning and work out what your personal burn rate is – and take a long hard look at your expenses ...

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  • BBC, Beards & Appearance

    Last week I appeared on BBC Breakfast talking about new research into beards, their history and how attractive or otherwise the bearded, clean shaven and stubble look are perceived to me. The study was written by Rob Brooks (find more here). As a life coach I'm always curious about our perceptions of ourselves, others and the world around us. I'm also especially interested in how culture, society and ...

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  • Money & Energy: Special Online Event 7.30-8.30pm Thur 1 May 2014

    Join me and special guest; entrepreneur turned SoulPreneur, Rachel Elnaugh – on Thurs 1 May 7.30pm UK time (2.30pm EST) for an Evolved Heart Live Chat special as we explore, money, energy, flow and as we how to create a healthy, rich relationship with money that serves yourself, others and our wider society. As we step into a new financial year, see major pensions  and following ...

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  • Soul Trader Coach Yourself Video

    I'm delighted to announce that my new Soul Trader the Coach Yourself Video is now available from my shop here at It's an inspiring and practical video companion, hosted by myself, that you use to progress - step by step -  along your business journey. It's purpose it to help you boost clarity, confidence, customers, profit, motivation, creativity and ...

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  • Rasheed’s new shop opens – books, videos & audio talks

    I am delighted to announce that my new, improved online store here on is now open and ready for business. It's packed full of inspiring and practical coach yourself books, videos and audio talks to help you find more fulfilment in your life, career business and relationships. The products include personal development, professional  development and business development products. You can order ...

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  • Spring Clean Your Life – FREE online event 7.30pm 27 Mar 2014

    As winter melts into spring, flowers blossom and we se see longer daylight hours join me over on Evolved Heart for “Spring Clean Your Life’ a  FREE Live Chat special at 7.30pm UK Time (2.30pm EST) on Thurs 27 March  to help you let go of the physical, mental ...

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  • 39 Steps…

    Earlier this on my way back from visiting someone in hospital I began to notice that my eyes were feeling a little sore. I was reminded in that moment how much we can take any  level of health and wellbeing for granted. I began to wonder how I might cope in the event that I were to lose my sight. This in itself was quite a levelling thought. Perhaps the combination of my sore eyes, the ...

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  • Beyond belief

    What resides before, between and beyond what you currently believe about yourself and life itself? When, 12 or so years ago I asked myself these questions, and let go of what I though I knew it changed my life as I opened my eyes. Film directed by Rene Coffey

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  • Fall in love with your business

    Falling in Love is the secret to survive and thrive says top life/ business coach. Falling in love with your product, passions, purpose and people you serve and work with is the secret to surviving in the tough world business and challenging climate says one of the UK’s leading life/ business coaches today. “Business is often seen as cruel, competitive and cut-throat – and it can be ...

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