Coaching for business owners

Coaching“I have experienced Rasheed working with groups of business people on a number of occasions. He has the ability to motivate, inspire and most of all get people to look inside themselves to find their own drivers and motivators. He is a great coach to work with.”

Andy Berrow, Operations Director, Business Link in London

I work with business owners, consultants and experts and want grow a business that sits in balance with life and values. It’s true that we tend to spend most of our time working ‘in’ our business and not enough ‘on’ our business. Coaching helps you redress that – giving you the time and space and support to move yourself and the business forward. Clients who come to me typically are looking for clarity, focus, motivation and to be more effective and efficient in the business and balance in other areas of life.  I also have a background in communications, media and PR which means I have an insight to help you boost your brand, impact and visibility.

I am not a typical business coach: I start with you and then your business. Once you’re clear, inspired, motivated, confident, organised, productive, professional, in balance and gather the right team, then your business will flourish. If you are not you and your business will stifle and suffer: So I help you holistically in the three key areas:

  1. You: become focused, motivated, productive and happy in your life and business
  2. Your business: develop the vision, goals, tools, team and action to grow – step by step
  3. Your customers / market: understand your customer needs and market issues – and act smartly.

Our business coaching sessions will help you:

  1. Identify your life and business goals / priorities
  2. Develop a simple strategy and a plan of action
  3. Look at your business from customers’ and others’ perspectives
  4. Understand and build on your brand
  5. Identify strategies and ways of generating more business
  6. Find balance in your life and business
  7. Boost confidence, creative thinking and communications skills
  8. Boost skills with people, influencing, selling, interviews, pitches, cold calling & networking
  9. Manage your time and energy – and stay focused, motivated and on track
  10. Give you the support, space and ‘push’ that you need.

The benefits: clear goals, motivated people, life balance, improved creativity, greater self confidence, enhanced profitability and productivity.

Coaching you… getting started

    1. You can book as few or many that feel right for you and your situation.
    2. Coaching can take place in person, at a convenient location or by phone or skype.
    3. Coaching can be provided on your business site (particularly if you have staff).
    4. Sometimes I send a half / full day a month ‘in residence’ working with fast growth businesses.
    5. Getting started: give me a call or email me so that we can chat through your situation.
    6. Enjoy my free 3 minute business review (below)  it will  help you and give you a flavour of coaching .


Get more for your business:

I’m also the partner life & business coach to the British Library’s Business & IP Centre where each month I run a workshop  for new and established entrepreneurs (see below). The library has a rich range of resources, information, expertise, databases and events to help you start/ grow your business.  Discover how it can help you.

Networking for Success:

my inspiring new workshop & networking event @ British Library

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Networking for Success: Like it or loathe it networking is one of the most powerful ways to win contacts, connections, customers, business and career opportunities. This inspiring and practical workshop and networking event will help you:

*Develop a clear strategy and awareness of the contacts and connections you have / need

*Learn to network clearly, confidently, effectively and authentically  – overcome nerves and find your unique voice

* Network, make contacts and meet like-minded people in a relaxed and comfortable environment

Specially subsidised price £25. Book now and see dates /details.



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Soul Trader podcastUse these tools and resources to support you through your coaching journey with me – or coach yourself with the Coach Yourself programme and additional tools which will help you move ahead in your own way at your own pace.

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