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Digital vs Human | Rasheed meets futurist & author Richard Watson
10 Feb 10:26 am

Is technology replacing our sense of humanity? What’s the role of a human being going to be...

Catch the Coach! | Feb 2017 | 5 Dimensions of Love
3 Feb 02:08 pm

Welcome: Hi and welcome to the February 2017 issue of Catch the Coach! (Watch the video version...

No regrets…living your life
19 Jan 11:51 am

“It’s always wiser to follow your heart than to walk someone else’s path” – Rasheed Ogunlaru. A...

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Networking for Success at The British Library
30 Jan 01:47 pm

Like it or loathe it, effective networking is one of the keys to building a successful, sustainable...

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30 Nov 10:44 am

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